The Three Rivers Education Foundation has helped districts, and others, build and fund programs to meet specific education needs. The Foundation serves as the leadership of these projects current projects.

Borderlands High School Equivalency Project: A federally funded project to help migrant and other farmworkers receive their high school equivalency certificates and prepare for career and education advancement.
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Community Literacy Plus: A two-year federally funded project to continue implementation of BCSCR and to expand the BCSCR service area throughout Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.
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Three Rivers Teacher Quality Partnership
A federally funded project to improve teacher preparation in six school districts in New Mexico.
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Completed Initiatives

Promoting Action in Children’s Education: A federally funded project to improve the physical fitness and health knowledge of all students in Bloomfield Public School district. (Completion: December 2018)
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Building Communities that Support Children’s Reading: A two-year federally funded project to improve literacy rates in low-socioeconomic districts across New Mexico, eastern Arizona, southern Colorado, and El Paso, Texas.
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Land of Enchantment Teacher Quality Partnership: A federally funded project to provide professional development opportunities to people pursuing careers in special education or school leadership.
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Three Rivers Transition to Teaching: A federally funded project that provides financial assistance and professional support to individuals interested in pursuing a teaching career. (Completion: December 2013)
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Four Corners Teaching American History: A federally funded project that provides teachers with multiple opportunities to improve their understanding of American history and enhance their ability to teach history. (Completion: September 2014)
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Mesa Vista Health Empowering Academic Learning: A federally funded collaborative project with Mesa Vista Consolidated Schools that brings social services to students and professional development in social, emotional, and behavioral issues to their teachers. (Completion: March 2015)
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