Empowering Communites Through Education and Innovation

At Three Rivers Education Foundation, we are dedicated to transforming education through our grants, community literacy programs, and support for migrant workers. Join us in making a difference.

Transforming Education

Building Stronger Communities Through Educational Initiatives

Three Rivers Education Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to creating community-centric education opportunities that address the specific needs of teachers, students, and families whether they need support in the classroom or at home. Our goal is to provide tools for empowerment through life-long learning opportunities for underprivileged communities.

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Investing in the Future of Education

Our Master’s-level, Teachers Quality Program for aspiring teachers provides the support they need to bridge the opportunity gap for students in high-needs schools. With a substantial financial stipend, professional development, and resources we help residents thrive in the classroom to shape the minds of tomorrow.

Supportive Community

We are making a difference in the lives of students by supporting teachers with mentors throughout their residency.

Educational Opportunities

Our hybrid program offers residents invaluable learning in a STEM or Special Education classroom with online coursework.


Making an Impact Through Education Programs

Three Rivers Education Foundation is dedicated to improving education in the Southwest United States. We are proud of the impact we have made and are committed to continuing our work in the community.

Through evidence based research, we have leveraged our relationships with schools and communities across the southwest to design initiatives that will leave a lasting impact. We’re dedicated to continue offering programs that provide solutions to the bridge the education gap.


In Grants Awarded


Students Served In High Needs Schools


Books Distributed Throughout The Southwest

"The mentors I had in this program were key to establishing me as a teacher...and really, for giving me the confidence I have as a teacher."

Michelle Rhames

Special Education Teacher, XYZ School

"When you go into this program, you're going into the classroom with someone who's experienced... I highly recommend this program to anyone with a Bachelor's Degree with a desire to teach."

Donny Ortiz

School Administrator

"The Three Rivers Foundation did an excellent job supporting me with all the resources I needed to be successful and answering any questions I had. They were always helpful and willing to do the best they could...I have no doubt that this program will continue to be successful for years to come"

Teaching Program Graduate

"It's really hard to find people that are as invested in your success as the team at Three Rivers. Anytime I picked up my phone and had a question they were right there with an answer."

Emily Manfredi

TQP Graduate

Transforming Education

Empowering Migrant Workers to Earn Their GED for a Better Future

We understand the educational challenges faced by migrant and seasonal farm workers in advancing their career opportunities. That's why we offer comprehensive support and resources to help them succeed.

Supportive Approach

Our foundation provides personalized tutoring, study materials, and flexible class schedules to accommodate their needs.

Community Impact

By helping migrant workers obtain their GED, we empower them to pursue better job opportunities.


Community Reading Programs: Promoting Literacy and Engagement

Our community reading programs are designed to foster literacy skills and promote community engagement. Through these programs, we aim to inspire a love for reading and provide access to books for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


1. Improved literacy rates
2. Enhanced community connections
3. Increased cultural awareness


1. Book clubs and discussion groups
2. Creating Community Libraries
3. Providing Classroom Resources


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