Borderlands High School Equivalency Program (BHEP)

Start Date
Service Area
Colorado, New Mexico, Texas

BHEP is more than just a path to earning a General Education Development (GED) certificate—it's an empowering journey for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families to pursue their aspirations and unlock their potential. Whether their goals are short term or long term, BHEP equips participants with the tools and support needed to succeed in a new environment while considering the possibilities for their future.

3REF understands that every education journey is unique. In response, this program has been designed to offer personalized face-to-face classes. Our dedicated instructors provide individualized coaching and support, tailoring their approach to meet the diverse needs of each participant. From mastering core subjects to building essential life skills, we're here to guide them through every step of the course.

Empowering Futures

The impact of BHEP extends far beyond the classroom. Earning a GED certificate opens up a world of opportunities for migrants and seasonal farmworkers: from pursuing higher education to accessing upgraded employment or serving in the military. BHEP equips them to have a voice in their future and chart a course toward new beginnings. Something as simple as a GED certificate gives participants the confidence they need to realize what they are capable of despite the many obstacles of culture and language.

Supporting Educational Attainment

One of the primary goals of BHEP is to support the educational attainment of migrant and seasonal farmworkers in targeted communities along the borders of Texas and New Mexico. By providing access to high-quality education and resources, we aim to improve the career and economic status of participants, creating pathways to greater prosperity and stability for individuals and their families.

Community and Connection

At the heart of BHEP is a vibrant community of learners, educators, and supporters united by a shared vision of empowerment and opportunity. Through collaboration and camaraderie, participants build lasting connections and forge bonds that transcend boundaries. Together, we celebrate achievements, overcome challenges, and inspire one another to reach new heights.