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Dr. Linda Coy founded the Three Rivers Education Foundation in 2003 to address gaps in traditional teacher preparation, utilizing her experience as an educator and administrator. Named for the cultural confluence in the Southwest, the foundation bridges theoretical knowledge and practical application in teaching. It secured federal grants, achieving nonprofit status by 2008, and has profoundly impacted education across the Southwest.

The foundation focuses on the distinctive needs of rural, marginalized, and minority communities in New Mexico, southern Colorado, Arizona, and El Paso, Texas. By leveraging federal resources and forming strategic partnerships, it promotes teacher empowerment and community development. The Three Rivers Education Foundation continues to transform educational practices, ensuring a more inclusive and effective environment for all learners. Through each initiative and grant, it works towards a brighter future for education.


Meet Our Team

Dedicated individuals behind the foundation, including founders, board members, and staff.

Dr. Linda Coy, Ph.D
Executive Director/Founder

Leading the foundation's vision and mission through collaboration and empowerment

Jim Coy
Chief Financial Officer

Ensuring the financial stability and success of the foundation's initiatives

Dr. Adela Holder
Field Director

Planning, writing, implementing, and evaluating instructional services to improve education

Dr. Georgia Lane, Ed.D.
Program Director

Serving migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families as they work towards education

Pat Martinez-Lopez
Field Director

Coordinating multi-state, multi-faceted educator preparation programs

Bobbie Zemanek-White
Program Director

Developing and implementing impactful educational programs that lead to excellence

Patty Eaton
Business Manager

Providing direct support to the CFO in fiscal and business activities

Lance Eaton
Finance Coordinator

Coordinating financial, fleet, and facility activities

Sean Williams
Warehouse & Materials Distribution

Managing and distributing books and materials across multiple states


Audit Reports and Documentation

Three Rivers Education Foundation is dedicated to transparency, maintaining the highest ratings for accountability. Explore our past reports and resource allocation documents.

The Three Rivers Education Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, was founded in 2008 “to more effectively carry out the purposes of supporting public, private, charter, and Bureau of Indian Education schools in New Mexico.” In 2012, we began offering services through a field office in Texas, and in 2014, we began offering services in Arizona and Colorado.

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