Building Communities That Support Children Reading (BCSCR)

Start Date
Service Area
Colorado, New Mexico, Texas

As an education foundation, we celebrate literacy at every turn.
BCSCR represents the beginnings of a movement dedicated to cultivating a love for reading and empowering communities to become vibrant hubs of literacy and learning.

There are many facets to this initiative that foster a community-centric spirit. One of these facets is creating access to community libraries tailored to ignite the love of reading in elementary aged children. These Little Libraries, scattered throughout each community, act as an invitation to participate in reading. Here, anyone can stop by, pick up a book (or two), and share the joy by leaving behind a book of their own.

But our commitment to literacy doesn't stop there. Through public service announcements, brochures, and community reading nights, we spread the message inviting readers of all ages to join us in the journey of exploration and discovery. Each community reading night is a celebration of storytelling, where reading blocks are followed by engaging discussions and the distribution of books to eager hands.

A photo of a female, Mexican-American teacher, with naturally wavy hair, wearing a yellow cardigan, and floral blouse is reading to her class of young children in the classroom, sitting among them, holding up an open book with pictures on it and smiling at them as they listen intently. The room has colorful decorations and white walls. The background is blurred out and features soft, natural, light streaming through large windows casting gentle shadows on bookshelves and colorful art on walls

Empowering Parents, Empowering Futures

We believe that literacy begins at home, which is why BCSCR is committed to empowering parents with the tools and knowledge they need to support their child's reading journey. From monthly "help your kids read" workshops to understanding your child's assessment scores, parents are equipped with the resources and guidance necessary to nurture a lifelong love of reading in their children.

Guiding Teachers, Inspiring Minds

Our support extends beyond the home and into the classroom, where teachers are provided with access to a wealth of fiction and informational classroom book sets. These sets, carefully curated to address rigorous college and career readiness skills, come complete with high-quality curriculum unit plans, ensuring that teachers have the tools they need to inspire young minds and cultivate a culture of literacy within their classrooms.

Measuring Success, Envisioning Growth

At the Three Rivers Educational Foundation, we believe in the power of data to drive progress. Through analysis of state standardized testing, needs assessments, and reporting of assessment data, we track our impact and identify areas for growth. By the end of the funding period, our goals are ambitious but achievable: significant gains in oral language skills for participating 4-year-old children, increased proficiency in state reading assessments for students across grade levels, higher rates of parental involvement in reading, and improvements in teacher instruction as evidenced by assessments.